1) Out of many thousands of people who approach Krsna, hardly ___________ knows Him in truth. a) surrendered to Krsna b) 1000 c) crocodile d) one 2) Who was Gajendra in his past life? a) lotus flower b) King Indradyumna c) crocodile d) monkey 3) Who cursed King Indradyumna to become an elephant? a) Agastya Muni b) Lord Vishnu c) King Indradyumna d) King Huhu 4) A strong ______________attacked Gajendra’s leg in the water. a) crocodile b) whale c) snake d) frog 5) The elephant and the crocodile fought for ____________ years a) 50 b) one c) 1000 d) two 6) Pleased with Gajendra's prayers, _________ appeared on the back of Garuda.  a) Lord Vishnu b) snake c) King Indradyumna d) monkey 7) Gajendra offered a ______________ to Lord VIshnu a) cake b) lotus flower c) fruit d) sweets 8) The Lord severed the crocodile’s mouth from its body with His ________ a) axe b) disc c) feet d) fingers 9) In his previous life, the crocodile was__________ a) apple b) King Huhu c) durian d) Agastya Muni

Bhagavad Gita Chapter 7 (7-9 years old)




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