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Infringement of rights - In a care home the menu is in English. The Bengali residents can't read English and there is no one to translate. Therefore those residents who can't read English get what they are given., Overt - A health visitor tells a student that they spend less time with Mr C because she doesn't like him., Labelling - Carers ignore Mrs A, an elderley resident who is bad tempered, but make a fuss of a more cheerful resident , Covert - When in a hospital work placement, Debbie reads a letter from a GP identifying a patient as gay and HIV positive, she pulls a face and puts the letter to the bottom of the pile. This patient will now not been seen for another week., Stereotyping - Laura visits a care home for older people with mental health issues, at one table she sees a person shaking, one dribbling their drink and two staring at the ceiling. Laura decides they are stupid., Bullying - A student overhears a carer in a day care centre say to someone "shut up complaining about the food, it's tasty, anyway you need to eat less so you lose weight, you are fat , Abuse - A care assistant handles a patient roughly whilst changing the sheets, the patient moans in pain., Prejudice - A carer tells a student that "Mrs F is coming back next week, she is so miserable and overweight.,

discriminatory practice


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