1) How many live boats where in tiatanic a) 80 b) 70 c) 10 d) 20 2) What was the time when tiatianic a) 6.23 p.m b) 2.00 a.m c) 3.60 a.m d) 9.00 p.m 3) What did tiatianic crash to a) Ice burk b) Mountain c) Ship d) Tree 4) What was the date when tiatianic sinked a) 5 April 2015 b) 7 march 2097 c) 10 April 2012 d) 17 February 2079 5) Whose mistake was when tiatianic. Sinked a) Captian b) People c) Sucrity d) Ship 6) How much money where used a) 62 lakhs b) 82 core c) 90 lakhs d) 60 thousand 7) How many times they warn a) 6 b) 1 c) 10 d) 2 8) Which Ocean did tiatiatic a) Athletic ocean b) Indian Ocean c) Artic Ocean d) Pacific Ocean 9) Which brand made tiatiaic a) White Star line b) Blue sea c) Starlight d) Red and blue 10) What was not in tiatianic a) Key b) Clock c) Telescope d) Locker




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