1) my screen a) write b) click c) mute/unmute d) share 2) on the chatbox a) click b) turn on/off c) write d) move 3) to an audio a) turn on/off b) listen c) mute/unmute d) move 4) my cursor a) move b) read c) listen d) watch 5) my microphone a) mute/unmute b) listen c) talk d) move 6) on a link a) turn on/off b) share c) click d) write 7) a text a) read b) click c) listen d) write 8) my camera a) write b) turn on/off c) listen d) share 9) to my teacher a) watch b) talk c) write d) listen 10) a video a) click b) watch c) talk d) move

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