1) I ____________ champeta these days a) have been b) have been dancing c) have danced 2) Colombia __________ in different competitions along time a) has been participating b) has been participated c) has participated 3) People ____________ to fight for their rights a) has striking b) have been striking c) has been striking 4) We've __________ really hard to get a good result in the international exam a) been studying b) studied c) have been studying 5) My parents _________ together all the time a) have been working b) have worked c) has working 6) I __________ on that project to be promoted in my job a) have worked b) have been working c) have working 7) My daddy __________ to travel very soon to visit his grandma a) has decided b) has decide c) has been deciding 8) I'm really confused. I've ____________ about that proposal! a) have thought b) have been thinking c) been thinking 9) My father __________ to stand by my side even when he knows I __________ in trouble a) has been deciding/ have gotten b) has decided/ 've been getting c) has been decided/ have been getting 10) My dog _________ for his ball all the morning. He _______ with it since he was a puppy a) has been playing/has looked b) has looked/ has been looking c) has been looking/has played 11) The soccer team __________ for more than three hours. They __________ their fans to pray for mercy a) have been talking/have been asking b) have been talking/have asked c) has been talking/have asked 12) He __________ there for you all the time. You're the one who __________ him a) has been avoiding/has been b) has been/has been avoiding c) has been planned/ has been

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