1) What are you _____ to do tomorrow? a) go b) going 2) I'm going to _____ in the sea tomorrow. a) swim b) swimming 3) He's going to _____ a barbecue next week. a) have b) having 4) They're going to ______ sandcastles on the beach this afternoon. a) make b) making 5) You're going to _________ on the beach next summer. a) find shells b) finding shells 6) We're going to _____ in a hotel this summer. a) stay b) staying 7) She's going to ____ camping with her friends. a) go b) going 8) They´re ____ to play football next Saturday. a) going b) go 9) I'm going to _________ tomorrow morning. a) sunbathe b) sunbathing 10) ___ 're going to have lunch in a restaurant on Friday. a) You b) I c) he/she 11) They ____ going to go fishing. a) aren't b) isn't 12) She isn't going to ______ in the sea on Saturday afternoon. a) swimming b) swim 13) He ____ going to sunbathe on the beach this weekend. a) aren't b) isn't 14) They aren't going to ____ a barbecue tomorrow evening. a) have b) make 15) We aren't going to ____ a picnic next weekend. a) having b) have 16) You ______ going to make sandcastles with your friends. a) aren't  b) isn't 17) She isn't going to ______ in Australia next year. a) go surfing b) going surf

At the beach_What are you going to do?




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