1) what color is her hair? a) She is blond hair. b) She has blond hair c) Has she blond hair. 2) What color are her eyes? a) She has green eyes. b) She green eyes c) She is eyes green 3) how is his hair? a) He have short red hair. b) He has short red hair. 4) what is your height? a) Are they chubby? b) They are chubby? 5) How are their eyes? a) They have dark eyes. b) They has dark eyes. 6) what is your weight? a) I am thin. b) I are rthin. c) You is thin. 7) Is Miriam shy? a) No, Miriam isn't shy. b) No, Miriam haven't shy. 8) How is she sentimental? a) My mom is inthellygent. b) My mom is intelligent. 9) They don´t have braces? a) Are they has braces? b) Are they have braces?




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