Use the material in a different order: I don't know why the writer have left the pronunciation activities to the end of every unit. We need to study everything in the unit and it's always the pronunciation activity that gets left undone., In my opinion, some of the best practice activities are recommended as homework, which I think is a waste., Replace the input text: Things are changing all the time in the world, especially with things like technology and the environmen, so some of the reading material in the book becomes irrelevant very quickly., I need to follow the grammar syllabus as it is in the book, but sometimes I don't feel very happy with the context used for presenting the target language., Change the type of task: The DVD which accompanies the book is really useful but it's very difficult for my students to enjoy the experience of watching the clips while they are supposed to be filling in the worksheet., There's lots of grammar analysis in the coursebook but my students need to use language to talk to each other,




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