1) How is the weather? a) It is a cloudy day. b) It is a sunny day. 2) What is the dog doing? a) The cute little dog is running. b) The cute little dog is sleeping. 3) What is the girl doing? a) The girl is reading a book. b) The girl is skipping a rope. 4) What is the woman holding in her hand? a) The woman is holding shopping bags. b) The woman is holding a stick in her hand. 5) How many animals are bathing in the river? a) There are six animals. b) There are three animals. 6) Where are the ducks and the ducklings? a) They are swimming in the pond. b) They are playing in a garden. 7) Where is Sara? a) Sara is in the kitchen cooking food. b) Sara is  in the bedroom sleeping. 8) What season is this? a) This is the rainy season. b) This is the winter season. 9) What is Sam eating? a) Sam is eating a cake. b) Sam is eating noodles. 10) Who do you think is the man in the picture? a) He is a farmer. b) He is a barber.

Picture Comprehension - Observe the picture and choose the correct statement?




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