1) Kieran Egan’s had ____ main idea that are related to complexities in curriculum design. a) 3 b) 4 c) 5 d) 6 2) The major challenge in selecting the type of knowledge to foster students to become more literate are __ and __. a) collected, selected b) collected, distributed c) collected, shared d) collected, stored 3) Ronald Doll described four (4) foundation of curriculum design. What are the four foundations? a) Science, sports, divide wall and eternal truth b) Science, society, divide wall and eternal truth c) Society, Socio-cultural, eternal truth and divide wall d) Society, divide wall, eternal truth and socio-cultural 4) What are the two types of conceptual framework that are divided into two organization? a) Vertical, square b) Horizontal, vertical c) Horizontal, square d) Vertical, triangle 5) In moral doctrine, Dwayne Huebner believed that spiritual teaching helps individual to develop ___ and ___. a) Empathy and respect b) Empathy and passion c) Empathy and compassion d) Empathy and sympathy 6) Scope refers to _________. a) types of educational experience b) types of syllabus c) types of topic d) types of strategies 7) Integration refers to the _______ of all types of knowledge and experience that are included in the curriculum design. a) modifying b) adapting c) analyzing d) linking 8) There are four types of learned-centered design. Which one of these are not the design? a) Experience- centered design b) Child- centered design c) Humanistic –centered design d) Student- centered design 9) What are the three types of curriculum design? Choose the types which is not included in the curriculum design. a) Socio-cultural centered design b) problem- centered design c) Learner- centered design d) Subject-centered design 10) Gerald Posner and Kenneth Strike (1976) introduced Four types of sequencing. Which are the four types of sequencing? a) Child-related, Inquiry related, Learning related and Utilization- related b) Concept-related, Inquiry related, Learning related and Subject-related c) Concept-related, Inquiry related, Learning-related and Utilization- related d) Concept-related, work-related , Learning related and Utilization- related 11) Which is not the type of principle that was introduced by Smith, Stanley and Shore in 1957. a) Simple-to-complex learning b) Chronological learning c) Whole-to-part learning d) Requisite learning 12) There are 6 Dimension of the curriculum Design, which is not the dimension of a curriculum design? a) Organization b) Continuity c) Balance d) Articulation

Topic 1: Curriculum Design




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