Correct: He and I are best friends. , Teacher Vince taught me about the U.S., Mom gave me the cupcake. , I like to play the drums. , I sang while I washed the dishes. , My dad hit the nail with the hammer. , Three horses live in that barn., Please hold the ladder so it won't fall. , The students play in the yard every Monday. , She wasn't afraid of the dog. , Mom lifted the box easily., The hummingbird fluttered its wings. , He shut the door after he came in. , FamilyMart is nearby, so let's go! , It was sunny, so I saw my shadow. , The boat came in to the shore. , I shared the juicy peach with Mom. , I always do my chores before I play. , Please use the cart to move the heavy boxes. , We found dinosaur bones in the ground! , My grandfather is a kind man. , Incorrect: We eats the hungry barn. , The cat playing with the yard. , She wrote me a nice ladder. , She gave hammer her pencil., She writes with her lift hand. , I and she went to the park. , Him and me watched TV. , My aunt and me played Uno. , Teacher Katie helped I with my homework. , Me like to play the violin. , I likes to play the piano. , I can't hear you if you whiskers! , Put a red chick if you have the right answers. , The sharp lives in the ocean. , He has morning candy than I do. , We saw very animal in the zoo! ,

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