1) You're hosting a dinner party on Friday but you are a terrible cook. You need someone to help you with the cooking. 2) You have a crush on someone in your class but you are too shy to ask him or her out. You need someone to ask him or her out for you. 3) Your house is being renovated next week. You need someone to let you stay at their place for a week. 4) You forgot that today's your wedding anniversary and you haven't got time to buy your husband or wife a present. You need someone to buy it for you. 5) You've spent all your money. You need someone to lend you $200 until the end of the month. 6) You want to go out on Friday night. You've got three young children. You need someone to babysit for you. 7) You're going away for a weekend break. You need someone to look after your pet tarantula while you're away.


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