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1) How many spokes does the wheel have? a) 6 b) 7 c) 8 d) 9 2) The lotus flower's roots grow in... a) mud b) water c) soil 3) The lotus flower represents... a) purity b) the temporary nature of life c) rebirth 4) The world's most popular religion a) Hinduism b) Islam c) Christianity 5) The world's oldest religion a) Islam b) Buddhism c) Christianity d) Hinduism 6) Siddata was an Indian... a) king b) prince c) servant 7) The four noble truths is about... a) suffering b) craving c) the world 8) The curled hair represents... a) Holy man b) Philosopher c) God 9) The 'bump' on the head represents... a) An insect bite b) He has hurt his head c) He has special talents 10) The Buddhist position is called a... a) position b) mudra c) dharma 11) The dharma wheel represents.... a) rebirth b) life c) karma 12) The 8 fold path all start with the word.... a) not sure b) wrong c) right 13) One of the 8 fold path is right... a) speech b) action c) thought d) concentration 14) The practise Buddhists use to reach enlightenment a) going to church b) focus c) worship d) meditation 15) The Buddha meditated under what type of tree? a) cherry tree b) fig tree c) apple tree 16) How many days did he meditate under the tree? a) 44 days b) 45 days c) 46 days 17) The Buddha lived to about... a) 80 b) 81 c) 82 18) The Buddha was from... a) India b) Pakistan c) Iran 19) Another word for enlightenment is... a) happiness b) light c) nirvana 20) A predominantly Buddhist country would be... a) Burma b) China c) Cambodia d) France 21) The wisdom part of the 8fold path is known as... a) 'panna' b) 'sila' c) 'samadhi' 22) Buddhist's believe change is... a) necessary b) constant c) does not happen 23) The number that comes after 4 a) 6 b) 5 c) 3

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