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1) What is MIS software used for? a) Spotting errors in code b) Intercepting ballistic missiles c) Providing company management with information d) A range of female orientated applications 2) What class of software is Adobe Premier? a) Word processor b) Multimedia c) System utility d) Database 3) In which class of software is the Microsoft OneNote application? a) Collaboration b) Project Management c) Publishing d) Database 4) A utility which reorganises data to make disk access quicker is? a) Firewall b) Compression c) Backup d) Defragmentation 5) A system for safeguarding data against loss is? a) Firewall b) Compression c) Backup d) Defragmentation 6) CAD stands for? a) Computer automated design b) Computer aided design c) Computer arranged design d) Computer aided development 7) Expert systems make use of a) Neural networks b) Spreadsheets c) Project management software d) MIS 8) GANTT charts are a product of which software a) Spreadsheet b) Database c) MIS d) Project management

Business and utility software


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