1) I like ____________ at the park on weekends. a) roller-skate b) roller-skating c) play soccer 2) She ___________ _______________cookies with her mom. a) like baking b) bakes c) likes baking 3) My father and I sometimes _________________ hide-and-seek. a) like playing b) like play c) likes playing 4) She ___________________ like making things a) doesn't b) don't 5) My best friend ________________________ about Argentina's soccer team. a) collect stickers b) collects stickers c) like collect 6) She always ____________________ when she finishes doing her homework. a) plays video games b) play videogaming c) plays 7) My little sister likes ________________ as a princess. a) dress uping b) dresses up c) dressing up 8) Leonel sometimes________________ with his family . a) does puzzles b) like do puzzles c) likes doing 9) We always _____________________ with the Arts teacher. a) making things b) make things c) makes things 10) On my birthday, I like _____________________________ with my friends. a) watch moviesing b) watches movies c) watching movies 11) I never _________________________. I don't like them. a) read comic books b) reads comic books c) read comics books 12) Mariano _____________________ doing puzzles. They are difficult for him! a) don't like b) doesn't like c) doesn't likes

Like+ing / present simple Unit 4 LOOK3




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