1) What is this national park? a) Santa Rosa b) Tortuguero c) Chirripó 2) What is this animal? a) Crocodile b) Monkey c) Turtle 3) What is this action? a) Do not pollute the ocean b) Do not kill the animals c) Do not waste water 4) What is this animal? a) Snake b) Tapir c) Jaguar 5) This is a ______. a) forest b) volcano c) mountain 6) What is this action? a) Do not take shells from the beach b) Use reusable bags c) Plant trees 7) Name these animals. a) Monkey b) Frogs c) Turtle 8) Name this suggestion a) Do not litter b) Do not throw wastes c) Do not hunt animals 9) Many ___________ live on the trees. a) Pumas b) Lizards c) Raccoons 10) What is this national park? a) Arenal Volcano b) Marino Ballena c) Monteverde 11) This action harms the environment: a) cut down trees. b) pick up garbage. c) turn off lights. 12) This action protects the environment a) Plant trees b) Use plastic bags every time c) Don't recycle every time. 13) You should____ a) turn on the lights b) Recycle c) pollute the ocean 14) You shouldn't _____________ .  a) feed the animals b) water the plants c) take care of animals

Review Natural Treasures




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