1) Why is Norway a utopian country? a) Due to its quality of life and happiness, its economy is robust and growing. b) For its landscapes and climate. c) For the education they receive. 2) Norway's crime rates are incredibly high. a) Yes. b) No. 3) The Norwegian policemen... a) they receive constant training in how to handle a weapon. b) Norwegian police are unfriendly. c) they do not carry weapons within their work. 4) How much is the maximum sentence in prison allowed in Norway? a) 20 years. b) 21years. c) 24 years. 5) Who was worst ever terrorist in Norway ? a) Anders Breivik. b) Albert Berg. c) Ansgar Olsen. 6) Norway's prison system is..? a) the most disgusting in the world. b) the most insecure in the world. c) the most pleasant in the world. 7) What is one of the characteristics of the Bestway prison? a) The kitchens are fully equipped, including sharpened knives. b) It is surrounded by electric mesh. c) The cells do not have a bathroom

Norwegian prison system




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