1) blow a) blew b) blown c) brew 2) build a) build b) built c) builded 3) can a) can b) could c) caned 4) come a) come b) came c) come 5) do a) doed b) did c) done 6) draw a) drawed b) drew c) drawn 7) drink a) drank b) drinked c) drunk 8) drive a) driven b) drived c) drove 9) eat a) eated b) eaten c) ate 10) fall a) fell b) falled c) fallen 11) fight a) fought b) fighted c) fight 12) fly a) flew b) flied c) flown 13) get a) get b) got c) gotten 14) go a) go b) went c) gone 15) have a) have b) haved c) had 16) make a) maked b) mede c) made 17) meet a) meeted b) met c) mat 18) may a) might b) mayed c) may 19) put a) put b) puted c) putted 20) read a) read b) readed c) readen 21) ride a) ride b) ridden c) rode 22) run a) run b) runned c) ran 23) say a) say b) saied c) said 24) see a) see b) saw c) seen 25) sell a) sold b) selled c) solded 26) shake a) shaked b) shaken c) shook 27) sing a) sang b) sung c) singed 28) sit a) sit b) sat c) sitted 29) sleep a) sleeped b) slept c) slpet 30) speak a) spoke b) speaked c) spoken 31) stand a) standed b) stood c) stooded





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