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Tutankhamun - He was the youngest pharoah. He died at age 18, Amenhotep I - He founded a village for workerswho laboured in the royal cemetries, Ramses II - Often regarded as the greatest and most powerful pharoah. Was married to Nefertari., Khafra - Built the Great Sphinx and the second pyramid at Giza, Hatshepsut - The longest reigning Egyptian queen, remembered for dressing like a man, Khufu - Remembered for building the Great Pyramid of Giza, Menes - Thought to be the first pharoah, Akhenaten - Was known for worshipping just one god, the sun god Aten, Thutmose III - Ruled with his stopmother for 22 years. Remembered as the Warrior Pharoah,

Egyptian Pharoahs 1


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