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ashāree-yeh il moo-sawee-yeh - Jehovah gave this to Moses, il mazbaH - Israelites made sacrifices on this, atāboot il 3hud - This contained the golden jar of manna and aaron's rod that budded, Not so good - mish hal 'add mniH, they offered a sacrifice - 'addamoo dabeeHa, we dedicate our lives to Jehovah - nonzor HayEtna le yahwa, In the beginning - bil 'aw-wal, He said - 'Al /'āl, They were killed - 'en'a-tel-loo, They rebelled - et-marr-ra-doo, Jehovah requires exclusive devotion - yahwa byoTlob il 3ybāde il moTlaqa , We get Baptized - n3-tam-med, We give our lives to Jehovah - n3Tee Hayetna le yahwa , Our baptism - m3moo-dee-yit-na, From now on - min hōn oo rāyeH, I mean - y3nee , We do everything to fulfill his will - n3mel kul shee Hatta en-tam-mam ma-shee'it-to, Acceptable - ma'bool(e), People around the world - nās Hawl il 3alam , They dedicated themselves to Jehovah  - entazaroo en-foos-one le yahwa ,

guapo lesson 3


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