1) Velu stood on the platform but he felt “as if he was still on a moving train”. Why? a) He was uncomfortable standing on the crowded platform. b) He felt sleepy. c) He was used to crowded places. d) He loved railway stations. 2) What sort of things did Jaya and children like to collect? a) They collected old toys. b) They collected bad sweets. c) They collected things such as paper, plastic and glass. d) They collected old clothes. 3) What made Velu feel miserable ? a) He got off at the wrong station. b) He forgot to bring his toys along with him. c) He was hungry and all alone. d) He missed his father. 4) How did Velu escape the ticket collector’s attention? a) He hid himself behind the luggage. b) The collector had weak eyesight. c) The ticket collector didn't come to the unreserved compartment where he was. d) He moved to the other compartment. 5) Why did he decide to follow the ‘strange’ girl? a) He knew no one else there and he thought she might give him something to eat. b) He wanted her sack. c) He liked her. d) She was rich. 6) What work did Jaya do? Think of a one-word answer. a) business b) ragpicking c) teaching d) plumbing 7) Why had Velu run away from home? a) He had found a new job in Chennai. b) He wished to visit someone in Chennai. c) He wanted to earn money. d) He wanted to run away from his father's beating. 8) Where did the girl lead Velu to? a) She took him to a toy shop. b) Jaya took him to the Central Jail. c) She led him to a big wedding hall. d) Jaya led him to the super market. 9) Velu travelled without a ticket. Why? a) He forgot to get the ticket. b) He had no money. c) He loved travelling without a ticket. d) He knew the ticket checker. 10) What did Jaya and Velu get to eat? a) They got some fresh vegetables from a store. b) They got a pizza from a hotel. c) They got bananas and vada from a big garbage bin. d) They got ice cream from an old friend.





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