1) It is one of the basic physical capacities, particularly one that allows us to carry out an activity or effort for as long as possible. a) Endurance b) Hospitals c) Medicines d) Patient e) Doctor f) Hearth 2) it has to do with doing what you can to strengthen and care for your body. a) Health b) Wellness c) Sick d) Diagnosis e) Instrumental f) Surgeon 3) Substance used to cure or prevent a disease, to reduce its effects on the body or to relieve physical pain a) Genetics b) Discomfort c) Diabetes d) Medicines e) Cardiologist f) Pathologist 4) It is an injury resulting from an assault or trauma in which there is an alteration in the integrity of the skin and its soft tissues. a) Infection b) Chemoteraphy c) Would d) Back pain e) Heart f) Endurance 5) Invasion and multiplication of pathogens in the tissues of an organism. a) Flu b) Cut c) Doctor d) Diabetes e) Hospitals f) Infection 6) A sore throat is a sore, scratchy, or sore throat that is often made worse by swallowing. a) sore throat b) Pain c) Epidemic d) Syringe e) Relapse f) Nausea 7) Lack or limitation of any physical or mental faculty that makes the normal development of a person's activity impossible or difficult. a) Chill b) Sick c) Healthy d) disability e) Instumental f) Diagnosis 8) Inflamed nasal passages from excess fluid and mucus a) Patient b) Wellness c) stuffy nose d) Pharmacist e) Upset f) Nutrition 9) Of pharmacy as science and technology or of medicines, or related to them. a) Would b) Flu c) Disability d) Diagnosis e) Pharmacist f) Back pain 10) Sudden, violent and noisy expulsion of the air contained in the lungs produced by irritation of the respiratory tract or to keep the air in the lungs clear of foreign substances. a) Cough b) Medicines c) Discomfort d) Heart e) Endurance f) Nutrition

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