1) ¿How many human rights are there universally? a) 30. b) 32. c) 20. 2) Human rights were created to: a) To follow the rules. b) To achieve freedom, justice and peace. c) To achieve peace. 3) ¿What is the first human right? a) All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. b) Every individual has the right to life. c) No one will be subjected to slavery. 4) ¿Which article says that we all have the same right to have protection against all discrimination? a) Article 10. b) Article 5. c) Article 8. 5) ¿What does article 7 say about human rights? a) We are all equal before the law, without distinction, right or equal protection of the law. b) Everyone has the right to an effective remedy before the courts. c) No one can be arbitrarily detained. 6) ¿What article says that every person accused of a crime has the right to the presumption of his innocence? a) Article 12. b) Article 11. c) Article 14. 7) ¿What do human rights mean in our country? a) They are all human beings, without distinction of race, sex, nationality, ethnic origin, religion, etc. b) They are inherent rights of all human beings. c) All of the above. 8) Article 16 says that everyone has the right to … a) A Nationality. b) A private life. c) A Dissolution of the marriage. 9) ¿At what age do men and women have the right to marry in Ecuador? a) Men 16, women 14. b) Both at 16. c) Both at 18. 10) ¿What does article 26 of human rights say? a) Everyone has the right to establish a social and international order. b) Everyone has the right to an adequate standard of living. c) Everyone has duties to the community.




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