1) Do you think Sundays are usually ___? a) bored b) boring 2) Are you ___ with your job or studies? a) bored b) boring 3) What kind of weather makes you feel ___? a) depressed b) depressing 4) Why do you think the news is often ___? a) depressed b) depressing 5) What activity do you find most ___? a) relaxed b) relaxing 6) Do you usually feel ___ at the end of the weekend? Why (not)? a) relaxed b) relaxing 7) What is the most ___ book you've read recently? a) interested b) interesting 8) What sports are you ___ in? a) interested b) interesting 9) Are you ___ about your next holiday? a) excited b) exciting 10) What’s the most ___ sports match you’ve ever watched? a) excited b) exciting




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