1. My sister knew that I broke her phone, so I had to ____. 2) A cat ____ a mouse. 3) Good morning, children! Our topic is "Health", we are going to ____ healthy lifestyle... 4) Mike stole some money but he ____ with it and nobody accused him. 5) Sarah, thanks for your help! Now I can ____ the money you lent me 2 months ago. 6) Oh no! My mother's favourite vase is broken! She'll kill me when she ____ who has done it! 7) I think that my brother is an amazing person. I want to be like him and I ____ him. 8) I don't want to go to school. Maybe, I should ____ a story about temperature, so my mum wouldn't send me to school today. 9) No, George! Don't live me! Don't go away! George! GEORGE! ____! 10) Don't be upset with a bad mark. Just ____ learning and one day your results will be better. 11) Ann divorced with Alex because she couldn't ____ his alcoholism. 12) The doctor ____ my injury and gave me some pills. 13) It takes you about 14 weeks to ____ COVID-19.

1H Fill in the gaps with these Phrasal verbs (MEANING)




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