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Identify  - Recognise something, and state what it is., Label - Add names or descriptions, indicating their positions, for example an image/ drawing, List - Give as many answers/ examples as the  question indicates  , State - Give the answer, clearly and carefully , Name - Give the (technical) name of something , Select - Choose (for example the correct material/tool for the job) by making careful decisions , Define - Give the meaning of something is, usually of a technical term, Describe a... - Write what something is like – usually what it looks, tastes, feels, sounds like , Describe the process for ...... - Give the steps in a process , Summarise - Give the key points which give a broad overview of something., Analyse  - Study or examine usually a complex issue in detail to identify essential elements, causes, characteristics , Communication - Give or exchange information to/with others , Research - Systematically scrutinise/ examine information on a topic to learn more about it.  2. Carry out a systematic inquiry/ investigation into a topic to discover new facts/ test theories , Evaluate - Make an analysis about the success/ quality of  for example end product/outcome – usually  systematic, proposing improvements , Reflect on - Give an account of your thoughts and reasons for decisions, and in hind sight whether you  would do anything differently ,


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