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بتِتْذَكِّر - You remember (masc), رُحْنا - We went, مِن زَمان - A long time ago, ففِرْحاً - Joyful (masc. sing.), فِرْحانين - Joyful (plural), شُفْنا - We saw, هَونيك - There , احلى - Most beautiful, نِخدُم - We serve, مَطابِع - Printeries, تِطعب - She gets tired, إِنْنادي - Call (a name) , فيك - You can (masc), إِتزور - You visit (masc) , مِشْوار - A trip, شُفّ بعينَك - See w your own eyes, لَيلة إنْهار - Day and night, بِبقى - I stay, لَمَّا إكْبَر - When i grow up,

Lesson 4 vocab


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