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Keratinocytes - Produce keratin, a protein which makes the cell more resilient. Keratinisation is the hardening and flattening of cells. ,  Mast Cells - Found in the dermis they release histamine in response to damage to local tissues. Causes blood vessels to dilate and tissue fluid to fill the site of the damage. , Langerhan Cells - Found in the Epidermis, these specialized white blood cells circulate in the skin. They are a macrophage which alerts the immune system to pathogens in the skin., Melanocytes - Produce the pigment melanin which gives skin and hair its colour. Melanin is injected into the skin cells through projections called dendrites., Merkel Cells - Found in the base layer of the Epidermis, these cells are sensory receptors detecting sensitive touch., Fibroblast Cells - Found in the Dermis, they produce two important proteins called collagen and elastin. Collagen plumps and provides strength, elastin allows skin to stretch., Phagocytes - Found in the Dermis, phagocytes are white blood cells that move through the skin tissue destroying pathogens and debris.,


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