1) drive a) drave b)  drived c) drive  d) droved e) driveed f) drove 2) ride a) rided   b)  rode c) ridded d) roded e) rade f) rid 3) sing a) sang b) song c) singed d) sanged e) songed f) sing 4) eat a) eatt  b) ate c) eatted  d) ated e) atted f) eat 5) go a) goed b) want c) went d) good e) wentt f) goes 6) buy a) buyed b) baught c) bought d) buyyed e) buied f) bough 7) cost a) cast b) costted c) costed d) cost e) costt f) casted 8) see a) sew b) saw c) seed d) seeed e) sawed f) see 9) throw a) throw b) throwed c) throwedd d) throws e) threw f) thraw 10) make a) maked b) made c) make d) maded e) makked f) make 11) try a) tryed b) tried c) try d) tryyed e) tries f) tred 12) catch a) cought b) catched c) caugh d) caught e) catch f) caughted 13) take a) take b) took c) toke d) taked e) toked f) tak 14) have / has a) have b) has c) haved d) hased e) had f) haded 15) pay a) payed b) payyed c) paid d) paidd e) paied f) pay 16) spend a) spent b) spend c) spended d) spends e) spand f) spentted 17) want a) went b) wantted c) want d) wont e) wanted f) wented 18) win a) win b) won c) winned d) woned e) wan f) wen 19) leave a) leaved b) leave c) leaf d) leaves e) left f) lift 20) drop a) drop b) droped c) dropped d) drup e) drap f) dropp

Level Seven past tense




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