1) Don't be sad. It is a __________ story. It's not a real story. a) real b) made-up c) true 2) I can't walk into the shop. There are too many people. It's ___________. a) crowded b) call c) many 3) Jack won the game. Everyone said ____________ to him. a) goodbye b) shoot c) congratulations 4) It is so hot. I want to eat ice cream _________ watermelon. a) because b) so c) instead of 5) Pineapples, ________ and bananas are yellow fruits. a) lemons b) kiwis c) blueberry 6) A _________ is a group of things that happen repeatedly in the same order. a) Sequence b) appear c) pattern 7) Students _________ their books to school every day. a) put b) bring c) talk 8) To ________ means to carefully look, listen and even smell. a) observe b) off c) record  9) Alan is _________ about his test. Because he doesn't study for it a) happy b) worried c) different  10) The teacher is very angry because Jack doesn't ___________ in the class. a) look b) sleep c) pay attention  11) Peaches and watermelons are ____________ yummy. I love them. a) finally b) carefully c) absolutely 12) Jack and David are so noisy, so Justine _______ them. Now they don't sit together. a) agree b) hit c) separates 13) The clouds come and block the sun. The sun ____________. a) dies b) disppears c) sleeps 14) 10,9,8,7.... we are _________. a) counting up b) counting down c) counting backward. 15) A scientist does the ___________ to find out the answer to the questions . a) exercise b) experiment c) explain

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