1) The shape shown in the figure is known as a) Heptagon b) Pentagon c) Hexagon d) Triangle e) Circle f) Square 2) A tiny dot is known as a a) Point b) Area c) Line Segment d) Ray e) Line f) Square point 3) The figure shown is known as a a) Line b) Point c) Area d) Line Segment e) Ray f) End point 4) A flat surface is called as a a) Cube b) Parallelogram c) Surface d) Cuboid e) Cylinder f) Plane 5) A line segment has ____ endpoints a) 1 b) 4 c) 7 d) 3 e) 2 f) 5 6) How many lines can be drawn through a point a) 5 b) 15 c) 25 d) Infinite e) 35 f) None of the above

Basic Concepts of Geometry- Gameshow Quiz




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