The latest model has received a highly positive ____ from the public.The sales go up by 20%. The candy ____ encourage the kids to study harder, and it worked. The teacher ____ how the students carried out the experiment lest anything should go wrong. Connie did not ____, but now she cooks almost every day. When the mother came into the bedroom, the boy closed his eye and ____ to be asleep. The man ____ be obese, but now he is very skinny. Enough sleep, healthy food, and regular exercise are ____ to our health. Emma is very shy. She is not used to ____ conversation with people she doesn't know. The boss decided to hire a ____ to find out who had stolen the money from the company. My father bought a very ____ gold bracelet for my mother as a birthday gift. It is of very high quality. After finding out the shocking truth, Mrs. Lee ____ at her husband in disbelief. Raymond isn't ____ in the countryside because there is no nightlife there. David is ____ with his brother for making such a terrible mistake. He is in a foul temper now. The disappearance of the painting remains a ____. No one can explain it. The company decided to ____ the new product by giving out free samples of it.

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