1) Which among these is an input devise? a) Monitor b) Keyboard c) CPU d) Printer e) Hard Disk f) Head Phone 2) What is the full form of RAM? a) Restricted Animal Mistry b) Raspberry Apple Mango c) Random Access Memory d) Read Access Memory 3) Which is the biggest unit in the following ? a) A Nibble b) A Kilobyte c) A Bit d) A Megabyte e) A Terabyte f) A Gigabyte 4) How many types of memories are there in a computer ? a) 9 types of memories b) 5 types of memories c) 2 types of memories d) 7 types of memories e) 3 types of memories 5) The full form of IPO is Input Processing Output a) True b) False

Quiz on Data Devices by Gurnoor Kaur




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