1) How many wives did Henry VIII have? a) 8 b) 5 c) 4 d) 12 e) 6 f) 7 2) How do you say "inchinarsi" in English? a) bau b) daw c) dew d) bow e) baw f) dow 3) Who painted the Mona Lisa? a) Leonardo Da Vinci b) Galileo c) Van Gogh d) Michelangelo e) Michy f) Shakespeare 4) Who was the daughter of Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII? a) Anne Boleyn II b) Elizabeth I c) Elizabeth IV d) Elizabeth II e) Catherine f) Jessie I 5) Who was the first wife of Henry VIII? a) Jane Seymour b) Jessie I c) Anne Boleyn d) Marcellina e) Catherine of Aragon f) Caterina 6) Elizabeth I was known as a) the White Woman b) the Virgin Queen c) the Catholic queen d) the Protestant Queen e) the Golden Queen f) the Ely Queen 7) the study of past events is called... a) story b) history c) souvenir d) remember e) teasure f) hissory 8) The translation of "salire al trono" is a) ascend to the throne b) abdicate c) suceed d) ascend the crown e) ascend to the crown f) ascend the throne 9) Elizabeth I is the last Queen of the... a) Lancaster dynasty b) Tudor dynasty c) Stuart dynasty d) Windsor dynasty e) Hanover dynasty f) York dynasty 10) Who was the rival of Charles V? a) Charles VI b) Francisco V c) Edward II d) Francis I e) Francis II f) Edoard I




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