1) Can you close _____ door? a) The b) a c) an  2) My mum is ___ nurse at the hospital a) an b) a c) the 3) Can I have ___ apple, please? a) an b) the c) a 4) ____ dress is made of silk a) The b) an c) a 5) Do you have ______ umbrella? a) a b) an  c) the 6) There is _____ frog in the garden a) a b) the c) an 7) When did you start playing _____ piano? a) The b) a c) an 8) He is _____ best player at the moment a) The b) a c) an 9) I worked as ____ biologist a) a b) the c) an  10) ____ whale is a marine mammal a) an  b) a c) The

Definite and indefinite articles by Grados, Marquez and Sanchez




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