interested - (in___ed) wanting to give your attention to something and learn more about it, fascinated - (fa___ed) extremely interested, depressed - (de___ed) unhappy and without hope, embarrassed - (em___ed) feeling ashamed or shy, frightened - (fr___ed) feeling fear or worry, annoyed - (an___ed) angry, disgusted - (di___ed) feeling extreme dislike of something, amused - (am___ed) showing that you think something is funny, worried - (wo___ed) unhappy because you are thinking about problems or unpleasant things that might happen, confused - (co___ed) unable to think clearly or to understand something, shocked - (sh___ed) surprised or upset because something unexpected and bad has happened, amazed - (am___ed) extremely surprised, disappointed - (di___ed) unhappy because something didn't happen, tired - (ti___ed) in need of rest or sleep, bored - (bo___ed) feeling unhappy because you have nothing to do, excited - (ex___ed) feeling very happy and enthusiastic, irritated - (ir___ed) annoyed, thrilled - (th___ed) extremely happy about something, relaxed - (re___ed) feeling happy and comfortable because nothing is worrying you, terrified - (te___ed) very frightened,

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