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1066 - The year in which the Normans invaded England, Duke - The title William the Conqueror had in France, The Normans - These people invaded England after the Vikings, Harold - The English King when the Normans invaded, French - The language spoken by the Normans, Hastings - The battle which won William the English throne, Castles - Built by the Normans to protect their soldiers, Stone - Impressive Churches and cathedrals made of this, Farming - This carries on much as before under the Normans, Christians - The Normans were, Domesday - The survey of England carried out in 1086, Feudal system - How society was organised under Norman rule, Barons and knights - William rewarded these people with land, Motte and Bailey  - Early type of castle made of wood, quick to build,

Norman England Wordwall Activity


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