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1) Band I & II circuits can be installed within the same trunking when a) they are both the same colour b) they are insulated to the lowest voltage involved c) they supply the same equipment d) they are insulated to the highest voltage involved 2) Which of the following tests will give a reading in MΩ? a) continuity of c.p.c b) Insulation Resistance c) polarity d) RCD Test 3) What is the maximum bend radius of 25 mm piece of conduit? a) 50 mm b) 62.5 mm c) 75 mm d) 12.5 mm 4) Which of the following would be best to secure a load on a partition wall? a) rawlbolt b) spring toggle c) gravity toggle d) raw plug 5) When a Mineral Insulated cable is glanded, which of the following must not be present? a) potting compound b) mud c) moisture (air) d) insulation 6) Which of the following could protect an outside socket from the elements? a) grommet b) gasket c) female coupler d) tywrap 7) BT cables entering an enclosure would be considered? a) Band I b) Band II c) Band III d) Band IIII 8) What kind of drill bit should be used with metal? a) HSS b) masonry c) cobalt d) Forstner 9) If paint were to be transferred on to a cable which of the following applies? a) migration of plasticizer b) migration of air c) migration of water d) migration of seagulls 10) Torque screwdrivers are normally set to? a) newton/inches b) newts/inches c) sir issac newton d) newton/meters 11) Which of the following would NOT affect thermoplastic PVC materials? a) polystyrene b) heat c) sunlight d) sound 12) Earthing (Continuity of c.p.c) is associated with? a) 0.05-0.08Ω Ω b) 1 MΩ c) 2 MΩ 13) Insulation Resistance is associated with? a) 0.05-0.08Ω b) 1 MΩ c) 0.2 MΩ d) 0.1 MΩ 14) When carrying out Insulation Resistance (IR) for a domestic supply (230V) you set the tester to? a) 230 V b) 250 V c) 500 V d) 1000 V 15) Ensuring that test equipment is accurate is known as a) PAT testing b) Calibration c) Applying a sticker to it 16) When working in damp conditions on site, all equipment should be powered through a) 110 V b) 50 V c) 230 V d) 400 V


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