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1) The Wiring Regulations are? a) Non-statutory b) legal c) Statutory 2) The HASWA came out in a) 1989 b) 1974 c) 1874 3) 50mA can a) kill you b) tickle you c) make you sneeze 4) The C in HABC is a) conductor b) circulation c) control 5) An employer should bring about a) a safe system of work b) a safe system of weight c) a safe system of soil 6) A  consumer unit is a) exposed b) extraneous 7) A gas pipe is a) extraneous b) exposed 8) A Permit To Work is used in? a) Hazardous environments b) All workplaces c) in domestic settings only 9) PPE a) stops accidents b) reduces the effects of an accident c) reduces accidents 10) The HASWA 1974 is a) Enabling b) Non-Statutory 11) Mandatory means a) Must be met b) Maybe met c) should be met 12) A HSE Inspector can issue two notices a) Prohibition & Improvement  b) Prohibition & Increase safety c) Protonic & Improvement 13) The first step in a risk assessment is? a) Look for risks b) Look for hazards c) Look for a review 14) Electric shock depends on a) the amount of current and length of exposure b) the amount of voltage and length of exposure c) the amount of Power and length of exposure d) the amount of resistance and length of exposure 15) Earthing (Continuity of c.p.c) is associated with? a) 0.05-0.08Ω Ω b) 1 MΩ c) 2 MΩ 16) Insulation Resistance is associated with? a) 0.05-0.08Ω b) 1 MΩ c) 0.2 MΩ d) 0.1 MΩ 17) When carrying out Insulation Resistance (IR) for a domestic supply (230V) you set the tester to? a) 230 V b) 250 V c) 500 V d) 1000 V 18) Ensuring that test equipment is accurate is known as a) PAT testing b) Calibration c) Applying a sticker to it 19) Electricians should  a) always work on dead supplies b) whenever possible work on dead supplies c) never work on dead supplies 20) All hand held equipment on SITE should be powered through a) 230 V b) 50 V c) 110 V d) 400 V 21) When working in damp conditions on site, all equipment should be powered through a) 110 V b) 50 V c) 230 V d) 400 V 22) A 110 V transformer should be protected by? a) an RCD b) an RDC c) an CDR d) an DCR

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