stating an opinion: In my opinion..., The way I see it..., If you want my honest opinion...., As far as I'm concerned..., If you ask me..., I think / thought ..., I like / liked the comment/idea about ..., asking for an opinion: What do you think?, How do you feel about ... ?, Do you have anything to say about ... ?, Do you agree?, What's your opinion?, expressing agreement: That's so true. / That's for sure., Absolutely. / Exactly., I suppose so. / I guess so., You have a point there., I was just going to say that., Yes, I agree ..., expressing disagreement: I don't think so., I'm afraid I disagree., I'd say the exact opposite., That's not always true. / That's not always the case., No, I'm not so sure about that., interruptions: Can I add something here?, If I might add something..., Sorry to interrupt, but..., Sorry, go ahead. / Sorry, you were saying..., Sorry, you didn't let me finish.,

ILP: L2 FS English - Informal Group Discussion - Useful Expressions




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