1) Where are you ________? a) at b) from c) on d) in e) of 2) A: I'm from ___________. a) Ostralia b) Ostrelia c) Ostrailia d) Austrelia e) Australia 3) _______ do you spell your name? a) What b) What time c) How much d) Where e) How 4) I'm from ________. a) Maksico b) Meksico c) Mexico d) Mecxico e) Macsico 5) What are these? a) They're plates. b) This is a plate. c) Those is a plate. d) Those are a plate. e) It's a plate. 6) They're ________. a) a mirror b) a mirrors c) mirrors d) a miror e) mirors 7) A: They're bowls. a) B: Oh, I see. b) B: Sounds good. c) B: I'm sorry. d) B: Thank you. e) B: Sure. 8) What's this? a) It's fans. b) It's a fan. c) They're fans. d) These are fans. e) Those are fans. 9) ________ the red button. a) Eat b) Feed c) Join d) Sit e) Push 10) They're _____. 에 들어갈 수 없는 말? a) cute b) nice c) good d) touch e) big 11) What are these? a) It's a mirror. b) It's a plate. c) It's a pencil case. d) It's a fan. e) They're bowls. 12) Can I ______ a picture? a) sit b) feed c) eat d) join e) take 13) A: Thank you. a) B: Sorry, I can't. b) B: My pleasure. c) B: Sounds great. d) B: Oh my god. e) B: Oh, I see. 14) Can I watch T.V? a) B: Yes, you can't. b) B: Sure, I can. c) B: Sorry, you can. d) B: Sorry, you can't. e) B: Sure, you can't. 15) Can I ________ your computer? a) sit b) is c) feed d) use e) eat 16) Whose belt is this? a) It's Peter. b) They're Peter. c) They're Peter's. d) They're Peter's belt. e) It's Peter's belt. 17) They're ______ _______. a) Bob's gloves b) Bobs' gloves c) Bob gloves d) Bob glove e) Bob's glove 18) _________ socks are these? a) Who's b) Whose c) Who  d) What e) What time 19) Whose _____ is this? a) hat b) mirrors c) shoes d) socks e) gloves 20) Whose shoes are these? a) B: They're mine. b) B: They're a mine. c) B: It's mine. d) B: It's my shoes. e) B: It's my shoe. f) B: It's mine shoes.

(천재 함)1~7과 review




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