1) What´s your name? 2) How old are you?  3) Where do you live? 4) Describe yourself in some words, please. 5) Compare yourself with a member of your family. 6) Is your clothing related to your identity? Why? 7) You´re jelous/ optimistic/ pessimistic/ outgoing / shy, aren´t you? Why? 8) What impression do snakes cause on you? Why? 9) Which is your favourite animal? Why? 10) If you had to give me an advice, what would you tell me? : - I got coronavirus last month. – I didn´t pass the exam at the university. – I was bitten by a spider. 11) When we say “swarm intelligence” What do you mean? Give examples 12) Describe the process of cotton industry. 13) Do you like the story? 14) Who wrote it? 15) Where does it take place? 16) Who are the main characters? 17) What are- is the main themes of the story?  18) What is the plot of the story? 19) What does the evil-eye represent? 20) What is your favourite part of the story? 21) What is the author´s purpose for writing this story?

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