1) What's the time? a) eight o'clock b) quarter past eight c) half past eight d) quarter to eight 2) What's the time? a) seven o'clock b) quarter past seven c) half past seven d) quarter to seven 3) What's the time? a) four o'clock b) quarter past four c) half past four d) quarter to four 4) What's the time? a) one o'clock b) quarter past one c) half past one d) quarter to one 5) What's the time? a) It's seven twenty-five. b) It's seven five. c) It's seven forty-five 6) What's the time? a) It's ten twenty-five b) It's ten ten. c) It's two fifty. 7) What's the time? a) It's eleven o'clock b) It's eleven forty. c) It's eleven forty-nine 8) When are we leaving? a) We're leaving at twelve thirty-five b) We're leaving at twelve thirty. c) We're leaving at twelve fifty-five 9) When are we leaving? a) We're leaving at three thirty. b) We're leaving at three o'clock. c) We're leaving at three twenty. 10) When are we leaving? a) We're leaving at ten to six. b) We're leaving at five to six c) We're leaving at six fifty. 11) I am going to the market at five thirty-five. a) 5:15 b) 5:35 c) 5:55 12) Her piano lesson starts at eight fifteen every evening. a) 8:15 p.m. b) 8:35 p.m. c) 8.15 a.m. 13) They play football at four thirty-five every Sunday. a) b) c) 14) We have dinner at seven thirty every day. a) b) c) 15) The park is busy around five o'clock every Saturday. a) b) c) 16) We are leaving at ten to five. a) b) c) 17) I arrived home at five to nine last night. a) 8:55 pm b) 7:55 pm c) 9:05 pm




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