1) A: __________ is this? B: It's a bag. a) Where b) What c) Who 2) A: __________ is she? B: She is Lisa, my sister. a) Where b) What c) Who 3) A: __________ is your favourite colour? B: It's pink. a) Who b) Why c) What 4) A: __________ do you go to school? B: At seven o' clock. a) Who b) Where c) When 5) A: __________ is your brother? B: He is in his bedroom. a) What b) Where c) Who 6) A: __________ are you crying? B: Because my toy is broken! a) Why b) What c) How 7) A: __________ is your book? B: My book is in my school bag! a) When b) Where c) Whose 8) A: __________ old is your mother? B: She is 44. a) Who b) How c) What 9) A: __________ do you live? B: I live in Buenos Aires! a) What b) Where c) When 10) A: __________ do you have lunch? B: I eat at 1 o'clock. a) When b) Why c) What 11) A: __________ are you? B: I'm fine, thanks! a) Who b) What c) How 12) A: __________ is the party? B: It's tomorrow, at 3 o'clock! a) Where b) When c) How 13) A: __________ is he doing? B: He's reading! a) What b) How c) Where 14) A: _______________ apples do you have? B: I have 3 apples. a) Why b) When c) How many

WH - question words quiz!




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