bestseller - popular book which is bought by many people, make into - change into someone, set off - begin a journey, cub - baby bear, be fond of - like very much, entertain - keep someone interested and having fun, period - length of time, in search of - trying to find something, creature - a living thing, playful - full of fun, further - more, additional, unique - unlike anything else, lock - close with a key, ordinary - usual, terribly - very much, getle - kind and calm, hometown - place where you were born, public - for everyone to use, base on - take an idea from something else, fight - take part in a battle, extremely - very, over time - gradually, resist - stop yourself from doing something you really want to do, army - large group of soldiers trained to fight, leave behind - not take something with you,

pgs 41-42 Mindset B1




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