1) Where did the Anglo-Saxons come from? a) Denmark, North Germany and the Netherlands b) Sweden, Norway and France c) Ireland, Belgium and the USA d) Italy, Spain and Portugal 2) What is a settlement? a) A place where people live b) A place where people work c) Both of the above d) A place where a fight would happen 3) What does the 'burn' at the end of Wooburn mean, from Anglo-Saxon? a) Farm b) Village c) Stream d) Open Land 4) What were Anglo-Saxon houses made from? a) Bricks b) Straw c) Wood d) Glass e) Metal f) Paper 5) Who was the Anglo-Saxon Pagan God of War? a) Tiw b) Eostre c) Thunor d) Woden e) Frige 6) What were Saxon Kings usually buried with? a) Nothing b) Coins, gold and weapons c) A picture of themself d) Their crown 7) Why did St. Augustine come in 597AD? a) To build villages b) To teach the Anglo-Saxons about Christianity c) To teach the people how to wash d) To invade Britain 8) What did King Offa of Mercia build to stop the Welsh attacking? a) A ditch b) A wall c) A barrier d) A trench 9) Where did the Vikings come from? a) The USA b) Normandy c) Africa d) Denmark, Sweden and Norway 10) What were the Vikings boats called? a) Longships or Longboats b) Vikingships c) Canoes d) Cruise ships 11) Which viking attach on a church sent shock waves across Europe? a) London b) Luton c) Lindisfarne d) Leigh-On-Mendip 12) Why is the King of Wessex known as Alfred the Great? a) He invaded Norway b) He defeated the Anglo-Saxons and created Wessex c) He defeated the Vikings and created the Danelaw d) He defeated the Normans and created the Danelaw 13) Which one of these is a famous Viking stronghold? a) London b) York c) Bristol d) Bath e) Cardiff 14) What was important in Jorvik? a) Trade b) Crafts c) Style d) Blacksmiths e) All of the above f) Fighting 15) Whose death led to a fight for power in Britain in 1066? a) Sweyn b) Edgar the Peaceful c) Harthacanute d) Canute e) Edward the Confessor 16) Where was William the Conqueror, the man who invaded Britain in 1066, from? a) Northern Italy b) Normandy, France c) Cardiff, Wales d) Washington, USA e) Dublin, Ireland f) Gdansk, Poland 17) Cnut was king of which countries a) Denmark and America b) Denmark, Norway and England c) Germany and Spain d) France, England and Belgium 18) Why did the Vikings want to settle in England a) The farmland was better than they were used to b) The Anglo-Saxons were very friendly c) They liked the wet weather d) They wanted a challenge

Anglo-Saxons and Vikings End of Topic Quiz




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