1) Candles are lit every Friday evening to a) Welcome the Shabbat b) Warm the Synagogue c) Light the way for incoming ships 2) The Havdalah marks the end of the a) Torah reading b) Summer vacation c) Shabbat 3) The sound of the Shofar reminds you to a) That Shabbat day is ended b) Run around the block c) Tell anybody you have hurt that you are sorry 4) Rosh Hashanah celebrates a) Your Birthday b) The new Jewish year c) Beginning of school 5) On Yom Kippupr we a) Eat b) Reflect on our behavior and fast c) do a marathon 6) On Sukkot we a) sit in a sukkah b) shake the lulav and etrog c) jump up and down 7) On Simchat Torah we a) wave to the Torah scroll b) Have a Torah parade c) Begin reading the Torah from the start 8) Hanukah recalls the battle for a) the beit hamikdash, the Temple in Jerusalem b) Haifa c) our lives that the Maccabees fought 9) Shabbat is a time to a) reflect and spend time with family and friends b) take a trip c) buy new clothes 10) Which community in Israel celebrates Sigd a) The Russian community b) The Ethiopian community c) The Morrocan community

Jewish Holidays and Customs




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