1) I am in ___________ of the __________ . a) chardge and giraffe b) charge and jiraffe c) charje and giraffe d) charge and giraffe 2) You pen has made a _____ in your ______ pocket. a) buldge and jaket b) bulge and gacket c) bulge and jacket d) buldge and jacket 3) can you _____ your name _____ ? a) change and badje b) chanje and badge c) change and badge d) chandge and bajge 4) It takes a lot of _____ to make _____ . a) enerjy and fudge b) energy and fudge c) energy and judge d) enerdgey and fudge 5) They had to _____ the _____ as it wasn't safe. a) adjust and bridg b) adjust and gridj c) adgust and bridge d) adjust and bridge 6) Can you _____ the _____ bull coming your way? a) dodge and hudge b) dodge and hje c) dodge and huge d) dodje and huge 7) They are hidden _____ in this _____ . a) gems and villadge b) gems and villaje c) gems and village d) jems and village 8) What is the _____ of that _____ ? a) age and giant b) age and jiant c) age and giante d) age and gient 9) He sat on the _____ of his seat whilst watching the _____ trick. a) edge and magic b) edje and magic c) edge and majic d) edge and madgic 10) May I _____ you on your _____ . a) join and joj b) join and jog c) join and gog d) goin and job

Game 41 (Wilson Step 7: 7.2) -dge and -ge spelling quiz




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