1) I have one notebook. I have two ______. a) notebooks b) notebookes c) notebook's 2) What is the plural form of box? a) boxs b) boxes c) box's 3) Flower is a singular noun. Make it a plural noun. a) floweres b) flower's c) flowers 4) I had a homework pass, and my teacher gave me another. Now I have two homework a) pass b) pass's c) passes 5) What is the plural form of branch? a) branchs b) branches c) branch's 6) I say "Let's play!" My mom ________, "Not yet!" a) ses b) says c) sayes 7) What is the plural form of tomato? a) tomatoes b) tomatos c) tomato's 8) I try hard and my friend ______ hard too! a) trys b) tris c) tries d) try's





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