1) "I'm tired" She said she ___ tired a)  is b) was c) will be 2) "I'm going to the cinema." He said he ___ to the cinema. a) was going b) is going c) had gone 3) "They haven't bought this house." I said that they ___ this house. a) haven't bought b) didn't buy c) hadn't bought 4) "We will be late" we said we ___ late. a) would be b) will be c) are going to be 5) "She overslept for school" He said that she ___ for school a) have overslept b) did overslept c) had overslept 6) "Are you hungry?" Grandma asked if I ___ hungry. a) am b) was c) had been 7) "I can't swim very well" I said I ___ very well. a) couldn't swim b) can't swam c) can't swimming 8) "This film isn't a waste of time" He said this film ___ a waste of time. a) isn't b) wasn't c) won't be 9) "I didn't make dinner today" My mum said she ___ dinner that day. a) hadn't made b) haven't make c) haven't made 10) "Stop being so annoying!" His daughter asked him ____ being so annoying. a) to stopped b) to stop c) stopped 11) "You can't go out tonight" My mum said I ___ out tonight. a) couldn't go b) can't go c) couldn't went 12) "Don't move" The policeman asked _____. a) to not move b) not move c) not to move 13) "Come closer, child." The old man asked the child _____ closer. a) come b) to come c) to came 14) "I always go camping during summer." He said he always ___ camping during summer. a) gone b) did go c) went 15) "Don't go away!" She asked him ____ away. a) not to go b) not go c) to not go




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